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kiwi-img Will fitting your system void my roof warranty? Expand

The short answer is no, despite what you may have been told. Read a full explanation here.

Will I need to clean my gutters after the mesh is installed? Expand

Fish can swim uphill but sadly dirt can’t. If your gutters are not installed with correct fall to the downpipe then you may have to manually flush them once a year to prevent any build up of sludge in the bottom. In most cases where the gutters are installed correctly then the system is maintenance free.

You can read more about this on our blog post by clicking here.

What is the price of an average home? Expand

An average home size in your neighbourhood is probably different from one on the other side of town. Couple that with the fact that even for a 150 square metre home, there can be so many variations of both the floor plan and the roof plan, then chuck in the mesh options and it is impossible to say. This is why we will visit your site and ensure we are talking about your unique property.

Can birds and vermin peck or chew their way through the mesh? Expand

HDPE meshes have been used in the marine industry for oyster farming for decades as they are strong and durable, however if you have vermin in your roof it is advisable to make sure they are gone before the system is fitted. When trapped and hungry, it is amazing what a creature will do to survive. In all my years in this business, I have yet to see one instance where they have gotten in through the mesh.

I have leaves sitting on my roof now. Will they sit on the mesh as well? Expand

The short answer to that is probably yes. If your roof pitch is minimal and you have leaf debris sitting on it now, you should be clearing that off to help protect your roof. If the debris sits on the mesh, it will not affect the performance of the mesh, but as it breaks down, more dirt and dust will fall through into your gutters making it harder for the rainwater to flush it away.

Do I need to clean my gutters first? Expand

Don’t tell our installers this because they would love it if you did, but no. Part of our service is to ensure that we are fitting the mesh to clean gutters.

Why don’t you use a metal mesh? Expand

While we can supply an aluminium mesh, we have chosen not to because in our opinion HDPE mesh systems offer an all round better solution. As an inert material, it can be fitted to all types of roofing and or guttering with no risk of eletrolysis occuring.

Do your quotes include GST? Expand

For homeowners, yes. For businesses we can quote GST exclusive. Either way the quote will include the full cost of all equipment and materials needed to complete the installation.


Our Customers’ Thoughts

“Thank you guys, Leon has done a good job on my house. I recommend this company very reliable!”

Eugene Almeida – From Facebook
28th September 2020

“I found Kevin very easy to talk to, appreciated the good contact through out the job and am happy with the quality and finish of the product.”

JL Hawkins Construction Ltd – Hamilton
August 2020


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