Highly recommend Kiwi Gutter Protection

“Kiwi Gutter Protection recently installed the Tui Mesh to keep the bird nest, tree leafs and other debri out of my gutter and improve the drinking water quality.

I reviewed several companies and went to KiwiGutter Pro as the customer service was excellent, the product options and trade offs were well explained, and the Tui Mesh product ensures 100% of the rain water is captured (vs wasting any – which is important on tank water). After evaluating the features of each product I also thought Kiwi Gutter Protection offered the best value for money.

The installation was completed ahead of time, the installer cleaned the gutters and ensured the tank was disconnected to ensure the dirty water didn’t run back into my tank, and left the work areas spotless, cleaning up any left over mesh cuttings. Its comforting to know I receive the product and installation guarantee and that someone from Kiwi Gutter Protection will come back in a year’s time to check everything. This is reassuring.

Highly recommend Kiwi Gutter Protection if you are wanting to keep your gutters clean and looking great.”