Does installing gutter protection void my roof warranty?

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Does installing gutter protection void my roof warranty?

The short answer is no. The area where the gutter guards have been fitted can be excluded from both the roofing manufacturers and the roofers warranties but can not be used as a reason to avoid their obligations in regards to the rest of the roof.

To give you an example of what I mean is that we fitted our system to your roof six months ago and you decided to get solar panels put on. If the installers of the solar panels placed their brackets on our mesh and screwed through it, which later caused a problem with our system working as it should, then it is the solar panel installers responsibility the fix it not ours. But if there was a problem with our system on the other side of the house, we could not use the fact that you had solar panels installed to void our warranty in its entirety.

By the same token, if the paint on your roof was to flake and peel off, or you had a leak in your new roof at the ridge at the top of the roof, then neither of these could possibly be blamed on having gutter protection fitted at the bottom of the roof, it would be up to the manufacturer in the first instance or the roofer in the second, to rectify the problem under their warranty.

Don’t be misled by people looking for an easy way to duck out of their responsibilities.

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