When selecting our product range we sought only the best quality systems of high density polyethylene (HDPE) gutter protection mesh available.

We have kept away from metal because in our experience over the years, we have seen many cases where metal meshes have caused corrosion to the roof and or gutters. If we wont fit a system to our own roofs, we aren't about to fit it to yours.

We also wanted to make sure that we could give you a gutter protection system that would flush the fine dirt & debris away, that stuff that would get in through any mesh.

See How it's installed and How it works for more info.

Kea Tuff

Kea Mesh

  • With a hole size of only 3 x 4 mm, our mesh will prevent all but the smallest of debris from getting through.
  • Designed for total rainwater absorption in all weather conditions, your gutters will be flushed of as much fine dirt, dust & debris as possible.
  • Proven as an effective method of preventing birds or rodents from entering your roof space through the gutters.
  • Will not react with roofing materials and is BPA free, making it totally safe for those who harvest rainwater.
  • A large range of colours to compliment all the standard hues of New Zealand’s roofs.
  • A heavy weight mesh made from UV & colour stabilised High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for a long life - long term solution.
  • With a total mesh thickness of only 3.2mm, the Kea mesh will fit flatter and smoother than similar weighted meshes.
  • Kea mesh is exclusive to Kiwi Gutter Protection.
  • And comes with a 20 year unconditional guarantee.
  • Designed for 100% rainwater collection
kua mesh
kaka mesh

Kaka Mesh

  • A medium weight mesh with the same design features as the Kea mesh.
  • With a total mesh thickness 2.4mm, the Kaka mesh is an average term solution.
  • A few less colours than the Kea mesh, but still with the most popular ones.
  • Kaka mesh has a 12 Year unconditional guarantee.

Both of our meshes have been designed to withstand New Zealand's harsh climatic conditions for at least the time we guarantee them for, so you can rest easy knowing that whatever mesh you select, you are covered.

How it's installed

There are two basic methods of installing a screen gutter guard and all methods are a variation of one of these two, depending on the type of roof you have. Both are secured to the top out edge of your gutter system with a colour steel or copper 90° trim. The mesh is then secured to your roof either over long run iron or under a row of tiles.

Valleys are fitted in a similar fashion with the mesh once again going either over long run iron or under tiles.

When fitting over long run iron, the mesh is either secured to the roof with high tensile (0.55 BMT) saddle clips or pinned to the side of the riser dependent on the long run roof profile.

The finished look will vary between houses due to factors such as the pitch of the roof, type of roof and the height of the front of the gutter compared to your roof.





How it works

While almost any mesh that is fitted in a similar fashion will work when it comes to keeping leaf debris, birds and vermin out of your gutters, many fail at being a gutter protection system that can flush the gutters of the fine dirt and dust that will get through the mesh. Due to the adhesive properties of water, during heavy rain when you get the best flushing effect, water simply ‘sheets’ off the mesh.

All of our systems have been designed specifically for gutter protection and will collect 100% of rainwater. When the gutters are free of large debris, the fine particles are flushed away to the downpipes, thereby eliminating the build up of any sludge in the bottom of the gutters where seeds can germinate and grass grow.

Years of research and development went into finding a design that would not only break the surface tension of the water, but to also direct it in to the gutters. Meshes that were designed for other industries, then adapted as a gutter screen, simply do not have this ability and end up becoming part of the problem and not the solution.

In the photo on the bottom, you can quite clearly see the water sheeting off the bottom of the mesh with very little going through. This would not produce enough flow in your gutters to flush out the dirt and dust whereas in the photo above it, the bottom of the mesh is dry with all the water going through the mesh

Make the top choice for your gutter protection.

Our Customers' Thoughts

Fast, efficient and professional. Excellent

Fast, efficient and professional. Excellent job and highly recommended!

Michele L. Matamata - 4th December 2023

… a lot of pissed off sparrows …

We were very pleased with the response following our inquiry with Kevin. He came next day for a measure up and the quote was available before he left. Leon, the installer was an excellent tradesman with quality work and also a very nice person. Only downside is we have a lot of pissed off sparrows about our house now.

Brian S. Morrinsville - 17th October 2023

I was very pleased with…

I was very pleased with Leon the installer. He did an excellent job and was easy to communicate with. I would definely use him again.

Thomas S. - Tauranga. 1st October 2023

I checked with my roofer, and he was happy

I checked with my roofer, and he was happy with the proposed gutter protection solution.
Very happy with the product and the installation.
Great communication from ordering through to the installation.

Rob Shilton, Auckland - 28th August 2023

Thank you to Kahn and

Thank you to Kahn and his great team of helpers who were friendly and polite. A pleasure to have here. They did a great job installing our Kiwi Gutter Protection leaving the property clean and tidy.

J & P, Morrinsville - 17th March 2023

Well, what can I say.

Well, what can I say. It’s Sunday 29 January 2023 & Auckland has just had 4 months worth of rain in 24 hours & there’s more on the way. In the past, we’ve had a couple of weak points with our internal guttering & have suffered internal leaks during periods of heavy rain. But, not this time. We were actually away for the night, not realising how bad this rain event would be & worried about the house, but were isolated due to flooding. On returning home we found . . . Nothing!! No leaks, no moisture, no overflows – couldn’t be happier.

Aaron Hermond, Auckland - 29th January 2023

Absolutely fantastic, fast, efficient and…

Absolutely fantastic, fast, efficient and friendly service. I had to keep delaying the installation and they were so accommodating, highly recommend!!

J. F. - Auckland. From Google. 22nd September 2022

Just like to thank you

Just like to thank you guys for great work. Kevin quick to arrive for a quote once contacted and was very personable to deal with. Leon worked incredibly diligently to get the job done in one day. Kaye in admin was swift with all details and paperwork for the job. Everyone worked their parts brilliantly. Well done guys.

Fiona B. - Matamata. 5th September 2022

Great company to work with.

Great company to work with. Initial contact and consultation excellent and installation was fantastic. Leon was very thoughtful and considerate when working around our property. Communication from whole team exceptional. Thanks team!

Gaylene Street - Tauranga. March 4, 2022

We had no hesitation going ahead

Craig came to give a quotation and discuss the process. The manner in which Craig carefully guided us through made it easy to understand. We had no hesitation going ahead with an order.

Kaye followed up with a proposed timeframe for installation. We were pleasantly surprised the product for our order was ready on time for installation.

Both Stu and Craig arrived and provided a great outcome for us.

Well done Kiwi Gutter Protection

M. I. - Gulf Harbour. March 2, 2022

Kiwi Gutter Protection were great

Kiwi Gutter Protection were great to deal with they had awesome customer service and communicated well. The installation was quick and the workmanship was of a high quality. I highly recommend Kiwi Gutter Protection.

A. S. - Auckland, 8 February 2022

Excellent service and turnaround

“We got guttermesh to stop the birds nesting. Excellent service and turnaround, job was done quickly with care and attention and very tidy finish, highly recommend”

K P - Tauwhare. from Facebook. 2 September 2021

We were totally satisfied with the service we received

“We had our gutters fitted with kaka mesh to stop the miners and starlings nesting in our roof in Feb 21. Kevin and Stu did an awesome job.

We were totally satisfied with the service we received and are so happy we no longer have a problem with any birds entering our roof so Thanks Kiwi Gutter protection.”

S J - Whitikahu. from Facebook. 13 August 2021

Thank you for the awesome job

“Service was responsive and they did a neat and tidy job. Staff were pleasant and helpful to deal with including the installer.

Thank you for the awesome job.”

Graeme Bertram - Hamilton. 24 July 2021

Great service

“Great service. Leon who installed the netting is an amazing worker. Really nice guy and works really hard to get the job done.”

Carolyn Humble - Tauranga South. 24 July 2021

Thank you for the neat and efficient installation

“Thank you for the neat and efficient installation of Kiwi Gutter Protection. Your product is strong, and an economical solution to blocked gutters. Would recommend this company to others.”

C.C. - Auckland. 10 July 2021

Would highly recommend this Company

“Would highly recommend this Company. From the first contact by phone, then the site visit at which time the product and process were explained and discussed, with samples supplied and a measure and quote given, which we accepted, the excellent installation, the people concerned were professional in every way. We were contacted to be advised the progress of getting the product to NZ regularly and are very happy with the final result.”

Terry S. - Browns Bay, Auckland. 18 June 2021

Lovely staff to deal with

Lovely staff to deal with. Very happy with my installation. Very informative, straight forward, and an engaging team, that will keep one, informed about the formalities, on the install.

I like the fact, my Gutter Protection will have a check over, after one year, and, a ongoing check “at ones request”, on a yearly bases, and this will keep me, stress free, and worry free…

Thank you Kiwi Gutter Team.

S D - Auckland. from Google. June 2021

Absolutely top-notch

Are we ever glad to have been introduced to Kevin of Kiwi Gutter Protection by our neighbours!

At the initial interview Kevin explained without any promotional fanfare how well the system worked but what he didn’t let on is the amazing contractor he had lined up to to the job for us. Leon did a wonderful job and all with no fuzz or bother. Absolutely top-notch.

Highly recommended!!

H J - Paeroa. from Google. 5 May 2021

Dealing with GutterPro has been easy and straightforward

“Dealing with *gutterpro* has been easy and straightforward. From initial quote, to booking the job and installation everything has been smooth and simple. If you have blocked gutters, pests or birds in your house get in touch and they will sort it out for you no worries”

Tom - Drury, Auckland. 9 March 2021

I cannot praise this company enough

“I came across information about (Kiwi) gutter pro on face book.

I cannot praise this company enough. From my first contact by telephone to completion of the mesh being installed, the service has been excellent, very professional. I was kept updated regularly by email regarding the installation date that fitted in with my schedule.

The 20 year guarantee is excellent so I know so if any issues arise I can contact (Kiwi) gutter pro directly. I see this product as an investment to protect my guttering.

I will certainly be recommending gutterpro to my friends, I just know they won’t be disappointed. I’m very happy with my decision to use gutter pro.”

Barbara B - Rotorua. 9 February 2021

I am very pleased with the installation with the kea gutter guards

“The team at gutter pro are very efficient and carried out the work with great precision and care! I am very pleased with the installation with the kea gutter guards. The team did their very best to get the work done on time with Auckland’s unreliable weather.

I highly recommend Gutter Pro!! Thanks TEAM!!”

Rohan Kumar - Auckland. 13 November 2020

Highly recommend Kiwi Gutter Protection

“Kiwi Gutter Protection recently installed the Tui Mesh to keep the bird nest, tree leafs and other debri out of my gutter and improve the drinking water quality.

I reviewed several companies and went to KiwiGutter Pro as the customer service was excellent, the product options and trade offs were well explained, and the Tui Mesh product ensures 100% of the rain water is captured (vs wasting any – which is important on tank water). After evaluating the features of each product I also thought Kiwi Gutter Protection offered the best value for money.

The installation was completed ahead of time, the installer cleaned the gutters and ensured the tank was disconnected to ensure the dirty water didn’t run back into my tank, and left the work areas spotless, cleaning up any left over mesh cuttings. Its comforting to know I receive the product and installation guarantee and that someone from Kiwi Gutter Protection will come back in a year’s time to check everything. This is reassuring.

Highly recommend Kiwi Gutter Protection if you are wanting to keep your gutters clean and looking great.”

Fluer J. - Cambridge. 12 October 2020

We are so grateful to you for getting us sorted so efficiently

“Hello Kaye, you beat me to the post re: writing a testimonial, but I am thrilled to be able to do so.

Firstly, thanks to you especially – a lovely, calm voice after the second post-Covid lockdown storm, with it’s wreckage of business / work timelines, to say nothing of this September Spring’s blast of cold and very windy weather having a direct impact on your scheduling.

We are so grateful to you for getting us sorted so efficiently. And then, an enormous thanks to Leon, who arrived to us in Newmarket, Auckland, towards the end of his already very long day, in order to install our Gutter Guard. He worked well into the freezing cold and dark night, and not only completed our job, but left the work area spotlessly tidy. We felt his amazing work ethic was not only a salute to himself but to your company also. We feel incredibly fortunate – thank you.

May we wish you all at Kiwi Gutter Protection every success in your future endeavours – especially during these uncertain Covid times.”

Dr. Graeme and Mrs. Felicity Kidd - 30th September, 2020

I recommend this company, very reliable

“Thank you guys, Leon has done a good job on my house. I recommend this company, very reliable.”

Eugene Almedia - from Facebook 28th September 2020

I found Kevin very easy to talk to

“I found Kevin very easy to talk to, appreciated the good contact through out the job and am happy with the quality and finish of the product.”

JL Hawkins Construction Ltd - Hamilton. August 2020

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