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Birds nests. A problem or not?

Birds nesting in your gutters or roof?

How much of a problem are they?

A birds nest in your gutters or roof is, unfortunately, always a problem and potentially a big one. Even if you’re a bird lover, it’s important to prevent birds nesting in your gutters and roof space. Here are 4 of the biggest reasons why. 

  • Property damage

Bird nests can block your gutters, reducing or stopping water flow. When a heavy rain occurs, overflowing water can damage your property, while stagnant water in your gutters can lead to corrosion of your gutters. 

If you have a birds nest in your roof, and a young chick dies, it can become fly blown and maggots slithering around have been known to soften the ceiling enough that they start falling through into your house.

Bird shit can also damage wood, stone or metal fixtures as those droppings are very acidic and they make your home look messy. 

  • Fire hazards

Nesting materials can quickly become a fire hazard, especially during heatwaves. Birds nests can also attract rodents looking for a quick and easy feed. If there are any electrical fixtures or wiring nearby and a rodent chews them, that small nest can quickly turn into a dangerous roof fire.

  • Disease

Birds can carry a range of diseases, which may not cause them to become ill but can cause sickness in humans. 

These diseases can be transmitted from birds to humans by inhaling or coming into contact with their feathers, dander, droppings or other secretions. Your chances of infection are significantly higher if birds are nesting in your home.

  • Tank water contamination

Tank water is collected from rain that falls into your gutters. If a bird nests in your gutters, your tank water can consequently become contaminated with their droppings, which can contain infectious microorganisms that cause disease. 

  • Bonus Reason

A birds nest in your gutters or roof anywhere near your bedroom means you will be woken up at the crack of dawn by screeching young chicks wanting breakfast. Who needs that when you’re in the middle of a pleasant dream?

What should you do?

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